Problem accessing secure pages and other web pages on amazon newegg and more

For a week or two (I’m pretty sure this started before Hurricane Irene) I’ve been having trouble accessing secure pages on I can’t see my past orders, reach my Amazon Cloud Drive, or now even place a new order. I discovered today that I can’t get the site to work either — so I’ve got no way to order computer stuff I need.

At first I thought it was something corrupted on my main computer.

I’ve tried Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Then I tried my older computer that’s running Linux. I’ve tried my laptop.

Nothing works. On amazon and newegg I can’t access any page that’s secure.

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Amazon’s New Look

Amazon showed me a new clean look today… Nice design with lots of white.

Amazon new home page
here’s a product page:Amazon's New LookUpdate: September 4, 2011

Now amazon has gone back to looking how it used to. (But I still can’t access my amazon account!!!).

I did find this interesting article on the evolution of the amazon add to shopping cart button.


Hex Paper Games of the 1980’s

Oh how I loved these games! Cheap little things in plastic bags with a sheet of paper and little cardboard square pieces and a complicated rulebook set in the tiniest type font available.

And then it all led into Star Fleet Battles.

But it started with simple games like OGRE and Asteroid Zero Four.

I found a website with tons of info on these type games.


APC UPS Fails When The Battery Is Dead

Friday night I was getting ready to go out to see Marshall Tucker and Kansas at a free concert in Eisenhower Park. I was trying to figure out what to bring with me since it was supposed to be thunderstorms… and the lights all go out.

So now the only light in my room is the light from my monitor, thanks to my APC BX1300LCD. So I go over to my computer to hibernate it, since I was going out and wouldn’t be needing it on anyway.

I reach for the mouse and… the screen goes dark and I hear the computer fans whirring down.

So now I’m standing in darkness. My first thought is, I’d better go turn on the lights! Then I realized, the light switch probably wasn’t going to help.

Argh. So I searched for my flashlight, grabbed whatever seemed like it would be useful, and left.

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OCR is super powerful now — and free

I found a printout of a webpage that is long since gone (and not archived at — that would have been too easy).

So what to do? Scan it in and use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

Um, but I don’t have any software like that and I’d rather not buy any.

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Have a Happy Star Trek 4th of July — Way Too Funny!


Why I hate WordPress – Part 9,347


And to crap on top of it, I actually do have W3 Total Cache installed and did update it just the other day.

However, it only updated “because it’s there” — I don’t actually use it. I just never happened to delete it after I deactivated it. I guess I was hoping I’d figure out how to enable something useful like cacheing without it destroying the usability of my site.

So now I’ve had a “cleverly disguised backdoor” installed on my web site (which can thus access ALL my domains) for a few days.

Of course, I don’t even know what to look for regarding this exploit.

How could I have protected myself from this? Checking the news minute by minute for their latest security issues? Can I afford to ever sleep? Or maybe I just need to read through every single line of code for every single theme and plugin? Oh — but I probably have to scan the entire WordPress core as well. How long could that take?

Oh – the only solution is to buy VaultPress for ALL my domains… That makes sense. At least then I’ll be making somebody else’s monthly Corvette payment.

That’s the problem I keep running into with WordPress — it’s a bunch of very pretty cards and when you’re done… you’ve built a house of cards.

From my admin page — I gave up on even having this plugin activated in January.


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