Who is UlricheDmond ulrichedmondsuses@gmail.com ?

UlricheDmond using the email address  ulrichedmondsuses@gmail.com just created an acount on this blog.

Since (as the domain name might suggest) this is my blog (Eric Shefferman), there’s no need for anyone else to have an account here.

I googled the name and so far found


which lists this name/email as someone who tried to hack their blog (along with a list of other hacker usernames).

They seem to be a busy person/hacker/software robot — they also signed up here on September 7 2009


and here on September 8, 2009:


And probably other places that just haven’t been indexed by google yet.

I deleted the user, but this is getting crazy. Static HTML websites are looking better and better.

– – –

Yup, an hour after I posted this, the same user/email registered on another blog of mine that is totally unrelated. This is pretty stupid since the only reason this is happening is as part of a WordPress security exploit. Someone thinks that by getting a user onto WordPress they can then elevate the user to admin level access and screw around. It’s not like I can stay up all night to try to delete these users as fast as some automated system can add them.