APC UPS Fails When The Battery Is Dead

Friday night I was getting ready to go out to see Marshall Tucker and Kansas at a free concert in Eisenhower Park. I was trying to figure out what to bring with me since it was supposed to be thunderstorms… and the lights all go out.

So now the only light in my room is the light from my monitor, thanks to my APC BX1300LCD. So I go over to my computer to hibernate it, since I was going out and wouldn’t be needing it on anyway.

I reach for the mouse and… the screen goes dark and I hear the computer fans whirring down.

So now I’m standing in darkness. My first thought is, I’d better go turn on the lights! Then I realized, the light switch probably wasn’t going to help.

Argh. So I searched for my flashlight, grabbed whatever seemed like it would be useful, and left.

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