my discussion here:Site speedup – preloading pages on mouseover Note: Since the license of this thing is very permissive and since I want to have a backup copy of it in case the Cloudflare hosted copy disappears one day, here is a copy of the code: from’s license © 2019 Alexandre Dieulot … Read more

Site speedup – preloading pages on mouseover

I came across this clever thing for making a website seem faster to user. This is pretty clever since a lot of what makes a computer “seem” fast is the way it responds to the user moreso than how fast it is. I recall this was an early Apple Macintosh trick – make *something* happen … Read more

Check Your WordPress Website’s Speed and Make It Faster

Google thinks the web should be fast, and that’s kinda the final word. Here’s some (older but still useful) info on site speed as a ranking factor.

I recently found a useful website for testing your website’s speed – it checks the website by accessing it from multiple locations (in multiple countries) and thus gives a better test than just checking the speed in your own browser.

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