Stopping WordPress Comment Spam

The Hello World post on this blog has been getting slammed with comment spam.

The Akismet plugin (which comes with WordPress) has been doing a good job of marking it all spam, but it still is a ton of stuff to delete (unless I just delete everything in the spam folder and presume it was spam).

I wanted to find some way to stop the spam before it even got into the system.

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Major overhaul – Upgrading WordPress & Deleting Spam

I finally did an upgrade of WordPress on this blog (how to upgrade a WordPress installation) and took care of some administration issues that I’ve been avoiding learning.Wordpress has changed a lot since back when I first started this blog — much more powerful. I think that it will be easy enough to handle upgrades and such too (one of the reasons I avoided working with it for so long).

I turned on Akismet – but there were already over 8,000 spam comments pending. Luckily, I found this post and was able to figure out how to log into my host’s database manager to delete them.

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