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The first time the NY Times wrote about Eric Shefferman! – July 19, 1992
To Succeed in Publishing, An Idea and a Dream
With my infamous quote:

We just wanted to make enough to move out of our parents’ houses.

Note that in the effort to move out of our parent’s houses, we started from nothing and built a company doing sales of over a million dollars per year in about one year. For a while we were one of the top 10 comic book publishers in the USA by revenue.

I created one of the earliest video sites on the internet – the idea was to have a weekly ferret care “web series” and also allow users to upload videos. Back in 2000 this was a radical idea and nobody thought anyone would ever watch video online.

video files that can still be watched:

I co-created Modern Ferret magazine with my ex-wife, Mary. (She wasn’t my ex at the time)

A list of some of the awards and achievements of Modern Ferret

which include:

  • Modern Ferret was chosen by min magazine (a media industry magazine) as one of the 12 Best Magazines in the Magazine Business.
    The other 11 winners were: The Economist, The New Yorker, MAXIM, Racer, Elle Decor, Broadcasting & Cable, Red Herring, Information Week, Teen People, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, and ESPN The Magazine.
  • There were 838 new magazines launched in 1995. Modern Ferret was chosen as one of the 50 Most Notable Launches and was featured on the cover of Samir Husni’s Guide To New Consumer Magazines 1996 Edition along with such notables as George, This Old House, The Weekly Standard, and Time Out New York.
  • Craig Kilborn read Modern Ferret on the CBS Late Late Show on two separate occasions.
  • Modern Ferret received a special commendation from Nassau County Executive Thomas Gulotta for its dedicated efforts to promote attitudes of kindness, consideration, and respect for all living things.

Celebrities who appeared in Modern Ferret magazine

  • Harry Anderson (Night Court, Dave’s World)
    – and I got to photograph Harry Anderson!
  • Tiffany Taylor Playboy Miss November 1998
    – and I got to photograph Tiffany Taylor!
  • The Budweiser Ferret
  • Nikki Fritz (Attack Of The 60-Foot Centerfold, The Bare Wench Project, Veronica 2030, Go)
    and I got to photograph Nikki Fritz!
  • Tim Gore
    and I got to photograph Tim Gore!
  • Jennicam
    and I got to photograph Jennicam!
  • Tama Janowitz (Slaves of New York)
    and I got to photograph Tama Janowitz!
  • Richard Bach (Illusions, Jonathan Livingston Seagull)
    and I got to interview Richard Bach!

NY Times on Modern Ferret – June 25, 1995
Abhorring a Vacuum, 2 Create Ferret Journal

NY Times – Magazines Multiplying As Their Focuses Narrow – I am quoted

Entrepreneur Magazine – The scoop on starting your own magazine

Washington Post – A Look Back At the Weird, The Wacky, and The Ferret Pinup
–> this article seems to have moved to here:

Washington Post – Must-Have Magazines (of course Modern Ferret is on the list!)
–> I think this moved here?:

The Sunday Herald – magwatch

Folio: The Magazine for Magazine Management, Dec 15, 2001 by Whitney Joiner
Article about Tama Janowitz writing about Modern Ferret in Paper magazine

Folio: The Magazine for Magazine Management, Feb, 2000
Developing the Editorial Mix interview with Eric Shefferman

CNN Interview with Modern Ferret and the “Ferret of the Century” promotion

Modern Ferret as creative inspiration

A T-Nation article mentions Modern Ferret!

NPR Interview with Modern Ferret

– Audio version of the NPR interview

a ferret owner’s review of Modern Ferret

My Video Game Credits

I wrote the Atari 7800 side of the development system software and did a lot of the game engine work on Ikari Warriors for the Atari 7800.

Working for Sesame Street — Big Bird’s Hide and Speak — the first talking educational Nintendo game.

I also worked on MTV’s Remote Control and Win, Lose, or Draw!, and Sesame Street’s Countdown for the Nintendo.

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