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Eric and Marshmallow (Eric has the dark hair)
Putting a face to the name. Eric and Marshmallow — Eric has the dark hair and Marshmallow is a ferret.

A few quick things about me (Eric Shefferman is my name if you hadn’t noticed):

I’m a photographer and thus have very few good photos of myself — I’m usually behind the camera, not in front of it.

I went to RPI. For a few years.

I worked as a programmer for the original Nintendo game system. That beats school any day. That was back when video games had multi-thousand dollar budgets and the “programming team” consisted of two or three people.

I started Modern Ferret magazine with my ex-wife (she wasn’t ex at the time) back in 1994. I came up with the name some time after midnight (when I usually do my most creative work). The alternate name I came up with was Upscale Ferret, but I liked the sound of modern better – and I liked that both modern and ferret have 6 letters. Oh yeah – it was about the little furry animals.

Modern Ferret won a lot of major magazine industry awards and distinctions. We put a lot of everything into it.

To see some of the things I’ve accomplished, see my credits page — articles about me appear in such places as The NY Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc.

Due to the wacky nature of Modern Ferret, my photos have appeared in such diverse places as Playboy and PC Magazine. I get around.

Um — now I do this web site, and lots of other internetty stuff. If you read what’s here, you’ll probably learn some stuff about using WordPress, business development, and all the other things I’m interested in.

If you’re only interested in one particular topic – such as WordPress or marketing, just use the categories and tags found at the bottom of each post to pull up more content on that particular topic. Or use the handy “Browse by Topic” link in the navigation bar.

I’m attempting to write at least something on this blog every day on some topic. This blog serves as a central hub for everything I’m doing in the internet right now.

If you don’t want to miss anything, just look  in the upper right hand corner of the page where it says “Keep Up With Eric Shefferman” — you can get updates to the blog in your email or in your RSS reader.

If you want to reach me, see the contact Eric Shefferman page.

I like tall lamps and I can not lie
I like tall lamps and I can not lie

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