One WEIRD TRICK to Increase Your YouTube Views

It’s no secret that increasing the number of people viewing your videos is the secret to success on YouTube.

The WEIRD TRICK that can so easily make this happen is both simple and profound.

Of course, if I just flat out TOLD you the trick, it wouldn’t have the same teaching effect as if I SHOWED you the trick and let you internalize the lesson.

Here’s a video by a musician with “only” 63,902,637 views:

Now, after applying the WEIRD TRICK, that same musician with the same song got 629,828,351 views — an almost 10x increase!

Wouldn’t you want a 10x increase in your business?

Grant Cardone made a whole business telling people how to 10x their business! So you know it’s good stuff!

The 629,828,351 view version:

It is a WEIRD TRICK, isn’t it?

If you didn’t catch it, go back and watch BOTH videos again.

Doesn’t work the way I thought it would — and that makes it WEIRD.