Free Software to Recover Digital Photos from a Flash Card Error

So I’ve got a bunch of photos on my camera’s (It’s a Canon EOD 20D) compact flash card (a Kingston 4GB compact flash card).

These are old photos I didn’t delete (as a just-in-case measure) of a woman I photographed as well as photos from my recent trip to NYC for a WordPress Meetup and also photos I took of cooking Dr. Johns’ Chili and making homemade protein bars. A lot of stuff.

So I put the card into my computer’s card reader slot and it tells me the card is EMPTY and would I like to format it?

Uh… NO!

I put it back in the camera and the camera just said CF ERROR or whatever the little camera LCD readout equivalent of that is… I got the idea.


Oh don’t worry! I was able to recover the photos. Read on…

Around 11:30pm
Around 11:30pm?

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