Jetpack Auto Activation and Old Plugins

Below is the description for the plugin Manual Control for Jetpack. There is so much going on here that I’ve copied the text and taken a screenshot of the page. At some point the plugin will probably be completely removed. It is creepy how Jetpack does things like auto activating new modules whether you want … Read moreJetpack Auto Activation and Old Plugins

You can’t go out this Friday night, it’s time to update WordPress to Version 3.4.2

Holy mother of toad! Again! WordPress just loves to release those late in the week security updates. We already know how hackers work — they do a file compare of the old WordPress version to the new one, the write some code to exploit the vulnerability, and then they set the code loose on whatever … Read moreYou can’t go out this Friday night, it’s time to update WordPress to Version 3.4.2

Privacy is Dead, but seriously WTF???

I have long felt that privacy is dead and I have started to put together a 30+ part series on privacy is dead because it pops up everywhere, but this just takes the cake and eats it too.

Atari is:

  1. apparently in business – who knew?
  2. has Nolan Bushnell speaking for it (I have no idea what his level of involvement is)
  3. releasing some neat HTML5 code to make it easier to make games in javascript called the Atari Arcade SDK and CreateJS!/CreateJS

and you can currently play these remakes of classic Atari games
(the technology is cool, the gameplay is like the programmers had no idea what was fun about the original games)!/arcade/atari-promo

Now, I’ve thought javascript was a crappy idea since forever and it used to run REALLY slow, but I guess everyone is all hopped up on it for all sorts of modern stuff and hopefully it is being made to run better and faster. Although my gmail still annoyingly crashes every once in a while.

I guess anything is better than flash.

Anyway, it seemed like it was useful to create an account on First name, last name, and birthday are all required fields. OK fine. I expect that. But I didn’t expect them to PUBLISH that info. WTF???

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WordPress – Be Ready To Be Hacked Again

Ahh… the dreaded

3.0.4 Important Security Update

…a very important update to apply to your sites as soon as possible because it fixes a core security bug in our HTML sanitation library, called KSES. I would rate this release as “critical.”

Yeah. What that says to me is, “A hacker has already looked at the vulnerabilities in 3.0.3 and written a script to exploit it and deployed it on the websites he/she has already hacked so that it can go out and get access to even more web servers by simply crawling the web looking for WordPress installations that haven’t been updated yet.”

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New York State License Plates… When Retro Means Ugly

I’ve been noticing lately that there’s a bunch of cars on the read with “industrial equipment” yellow license plates. Today I thought I’d look into that and see what the story is. I remember when New York state switched to the white background license plates (this must have been in the late 1980’s). My boss … Read moreNew York State License Plates… When Retro Means Ugly

The “Too Late” Info on Drive-By Malware

Ah – by the time you read this, it will be too late.

By that I mean that after you’ve been hit by some Drive-By Malware — some website that forces your computer to run a fake anti-virus scan, etc. — then you’re already compromised. If it’s really clever software, it’ll disable your internet access so that you won’t be able to find an article like this.

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