Recommended Internet Marketing Resources

Affiliate Programs

– They will automatically make every outgoing link from your site into an affiliate link if that is at all possible. Kinda a no-brainer — just add it in as a little snippet of code on a regular website that goes in the header or even simpler as a WordPress plugin they provide. They’ll also provide you with good stats about your site’s traffic at the same time.

Domain Names


Web Hosting

– They’ve been around a LONG time and seem to be very stable. Their telephone tech support is great. This blog is hosted at pair.

– You get a lot of service for cheap.

Email Newsletters and Email Autoresponders

– They’veĀ been around a LONG time. Great support services and information about email marketing as well as great interface and deliverability.

Ecommerce – Selling Digital Products – Online Payment Processing

– They’ve been around a LONG time. Great services, reasonable price, huge affiliate program built in with an internet’s worth of eager affiliates.

Website Editing/Graphics

This is a nifty multi-purpose tool. I was looking for something to measure distances in pixels on screen, but this also does screen captures, color picking, image editing, and more. If you get concerned about downloading unknown software from the web, you can get it from CNET so that you know it’s been virus checked.
Find it here:

Color Scheme Designer
Let’s you play around with picking colors that go well together – I like the florescent Ā scheme I linked to

Server Response Header Checker

SEO Consultants Directory: Check Server Headers Tool – HTTP Status Codes Checker
I use this all the time to check how redirects are functioning.


Millionaire Fastlane

Free Resources

Comodo TrustConnect for free
Work safe while connecting over a free wireless connection. This is a free VPN setup.

Free Security Resources
I’m not going to copy everything this site lists, but it seems like a darn good list of free stuff – there’s jillions of SEO resources listed – some highlights from this page of things I didn’t know about:
cheat sheets for programming languages and other web development stuff
HTML editor – claims to support templates (the lack of templates in free editors is what drove me to using WordPress for everything)
StickIt – let’s you put Post-It style on your computer desktop – I’m almost afraid of the sloppiness I’d create with this

Don’t run out of time! Get a watch! Or a different watch!

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