Problem accessing secure pages and other web pages on amazon newegg and more

For a week or two (I’m pretty sure this started before Hurricane Irene) I’ve been having trouble accessing secure pages on I can’t see my past orders, reach my Amazon Cloud Drive, or now even place a new order. I discovered today that I can’t get the site to work either — so I’ve got no way to order computer stuff I need.

At first I thought it was something corrupted on my main computer.

I’ve tried Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Then I tried my older computer that’s running Linux. I’ve tried my laptop.

Nothing works. On amazon and newegg I can’t access any page that’s secure.

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Enhance PayPal Security With A Security Key

I’ve been looking at WordPress shopping cart plugins and other ways to create an online shopping cart and I came across a link to a feature I didn’t even know PayPal has. Paypal can create random temporary security keys (an additional password for your account that is only good for a short time) to help ensure that only you can log into your account (since you’re the only one who can access this security key).

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