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Jetpack Auto Activation and Old Plugins

Below is the description for the plugin Manual Control for Jetpack. There is so much going on here that I’ve copied the text and taken a screenshot of the page. At some point the plugin will probably be completely removed. It is creepy how Jetpack does things like auto activating new modules whether you want … Read moreJetpack Auto Activation and Old Plugins

Ancient WordPress Themes

While rooting through all my websites to bring them up to use SSL  (so they have that nice https:// and a lock that shows google likes them), I removed a bunch of old plugins and themes that haven’t been updated in years (internet decades).

This first image is a true gem – the “default” WordPress theme — that came complete on installation along with insisting that “admin” be the default user

And here’s another special one — to give the internet the look like it would have had when I was a kid:

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