my discussion here:Site speedup – preloading pages on mouseover Note: Since the license of this thing is very permissive and since I want to have a backup copy of it in case the Cloudflare hosted copy disappears one day, here is a copy of the code: from’s license © 2019 Alexandre Dieulot … Read more

Site speedup – preloading pages on mouseover

I came across this clever thing for making a website seem faster to user. This is pretty clever since a lot of what makes a computer “seem” fast is the way it responds to the user moreso than how fast it is. I recall this was an early Apple Macintosh trick – make *something* happen … Read more

Sneaky Jetpack

I want this “visibility” setting for my widgets on a new site that I’m working on: I know that *something* exists to do this, because I have it here on! I have the Widget Logic plugin but I’ve always disliked that it doesn’t have a logic/conditionals cheat sheet right in the plugin. And it … Read more