Blown Away by the New Dyson Fan

I saw the new fan from Dyson last night – it really is bladeless! I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and I felt like a little kid as I put my hand through it and couldn’t figure out how it was blowing the air.

You can see the little slit in the rim that it propels the air out through — but your mind says that that’s not possible for the air blast to be coming from that. That inherent disbelief is what makes this seem like U.F.O. technology.

Back when I had pet ferrets, there was a concern of them getting their paws caught in the protective wire frame around a fan (or worse, figuring out how to touch a fan blade despite the wire frame). With this fan, a ferret might figure out how to get a nail caught in the narrow slit in the fan — but it seems like it would be difficult for a human child to get hurt on it.

Minus a few points because it is freaky expensive for a fan, however tons of points scored for being super-cool to experience. You don’t see anything moving, you just feel the wind from it.

I had to look up how they did this trick, the answer is here:

How the Dyson Air Multiplier Technology Works

Really — I want to see an airplane with engines the look like this.