Start Your Own Internet Bakery Fantasy

My last post got me thinking about the business of baking cookies.

It seems like a good idea. Bake cookies. Sell them on the internet. Make them really yummy and charge a lot. Include addictive ingredients so your customers HAVE TO keep coming back.

To that end, I did some research and here’s what I came up with:

Opening an online bakery

The closing of the above online bakery

Starting a home based bakery

that last one should have links to a whole bunch of articles that all sorta say the same thing – not sure which one copied from which one

… and that brings me to the unfortunate (or fortunate) situation of

In no case will a permit be issued for a non-commercial [private] kitchen or residence in Nassau County. The provision of food to anyone outside your immediate family or circle of friends by definition would classify an operation as a catering service. The options would be to either buy or lease an existing business, construct one in owned or leased commercially zoned space, or sublease space from a foodservice operation currently under permit by the department.

Which is probably all for the best. I think it would be better to outsource the baking & fulfillment to an established bakery and just spend the money on the marketing and such so that the cookies sell for a high markup.

However, it means you’re not going to get to taste any of my cookies!