A Man Walks Into A Bar And Says Ouch


Print "A man walks into a bar and says ouch."

REM: I had to read the title of this post
REM: several times even while knowing it's a joke.

If ("LAUGH") THEN Continue: ELSE Reread:


(do you need this joke explained to you?)

I found this joke here on an internet marketing site along with a bunch of other equally stupid jokes.

I don’t know anything about whoever runs this site, but it has some interesting content on it.

This site seems to be by the same person and has some good information on passive income streams.

One of their links was to a site that gives you free monthly websites. Not sure what that entails, but it sounds interesting.

Since that’s one of the things I’m going to be working on a lot in 2011, it seemed like a good reminder to write it here to myself. So you’re kinda reading my own mental scratchpad. Move along, it’s not that interesting. Well, unless you’re trying to learn how to make money online.