How To Avoid Getting Proofed

If you are under 21, how do you go to a place and order a beer without getting proofed? This was something I figured out a long time ago. A facebook post from A.B. Dada reminded me of this story.

I have no idea why a google search for “how to avoid getting proofed” doesn’t provide any useful suggestions.

I would have thought there would be entire forums dedicated to this topic.

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Growing up I have 2 friends Jarrod and Jim who were skipped ahead so they were in the same grade as me but a year younger. Jarrod was 3 days older than Jim.

Getting together when in college, we’d go out to Bennigan’s and they’d want to drink but they were always underage. I was old enough — but I never drink alcohol so I didn’t care.

Always one to find loopholes, I noticed Bennigan’s would make us wait in the bar area for a table to be ready. I told my friends to grab empty beer glasses from the bar area and when we were seated they would put down the glasses and ask the waiter for another. No more getting proofed.

Finally it was Jarrod’s birthday. We all went out to Bennigans and were seated. The waiter arrived, Jarrod ordered and was proudly proofed. Then Jim ordered a beer and was denied because he was underage (being 3 days younger).
And Jarrod goes, “Well, Jim, it is the law.”

So there you have it. It’s a simple matter of making yourself look like you’re one of the “in-crowd” and then nobody questions whether or not you’re a member of the in-crowd. This works in most busy chain restaurants like Bennigan’s, TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesday, Applebees, etc. At peak partying times, they are way too busy to both cleaning up all the empty bottles and glasses in the bar area. And it’s rare for the waitstaff to take the initiative and verify age for themselves when it’s “obvious” that someone else did that work for them.

Remember: You don’t need Fake ID if you don’t get proofed.


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