Portable Blogging on a Linux Laptop

I am making this post wirelessly using Flock on my laptop.
Flock Browser – The Social Web Browser

This is my first test using my laptop to write a post. Long-term, it is my intention to write as much as possible on the laptop.

Although my laptop came with Windows Vista, it is way under-powered for Vista — so I have it running Ubuntu Linux.

I’ve been trying to locate software that would let me work and write posts without requiring me to be connected to the internet.

The requirements are:

  1. It has to be free
  2. It has to work with WordPress
  3. It has to generally work in a way that allows me to be productive

So far, Flock seems to be working and offers an integrated work environment and support for WordPress.

I can write, save, and edit my posts. I can post to WordPress. I can add tags to my posts and I can post in any of the categories of my blog. And I can update a post (as I am doing with this one). Drafts are saved on the laptop, so I should be able to work offline.

Plus since Flock is integrated into a browser, I can easily pick up web pages and text and blog about them.

So far, so good.

Other possibilities if Flock doesn’t pan out (I haven’t tried any of these yet):