Working Outdoors on a Nice Day

Well, the weather is nice-er anyway. According to the weather site, it is 48°F outside. Warm enough to sit outside in a t-shirt for an hour and do some web reading and work on some websites.

That was my goal, and I’m hitting it finally.

I’m using a cheap Gateway laptop (it was under $300, but I added another $50 of RAM to it) and running Ubuntu Linux and everything seems to be working happily. The machine was so slow as to be completely unusable with the Windows Vista Home that came installed on it. I’d recommend Linux to anyone trying to get more life out of an old computer.

I had thought that I should sit facing the sun, so that the screen is in the shade that it creates for itself. That made the screen unreadable. Instead, I’m sitting with my back to the sun — the screen is a little washed out but readable.

I’ve been working for about 30 minutes and the machine claims to have about 1 hour 50 minutes remaining battery time. Not fantastic, but good enough for such a cheap laptop.

…And now it’s time for lunch. This is the internet marketing lifestyle I’ve been working towards.