The End of a Bad Behavior Era

The Bad Behavior plugin has done a good job of blocking spam for a long time now, but I’ve just discovered its failing. I’ve been trying to make all of my writing doable on a laptop over the internet so that I can work more flexibly. I’ve set up all my WordPress sites so that I can access them securely from a public wireless connection. However, when I went to from a Panera Bread location, I got the following error message:

I guess there must be a lot of people sitting at Panera either wittingly trying to crack sites and post spam comments or unwittingly running some spyware or malware that is trying to do the same.

Oh well — locked out and I can’t even look at my own site! I guess this happens to readers who are using public wireless connections as well. So I’ve now disabled the plugin and I’ll see how it goes. At least I can write this post while sitting at a Panera!

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