Converting this WordPress site from http: to https: – Part 4

One final note on the SSL conversion from http to https:

Google Search Console had some serious issues with the robots.txt file for this site that took me a while to resolve.

It kept giving cryptic error messages and suggesting I read a page that didn’t really explain anything.

I knew that Yoast SEO was creating sitemaps and I was submitting them and somehow they were being blocked.

Or something. At this point it’s all a blur of not sleeping and fighting with problems caused by solving other problems years and years ago.

Anyway, it all came down to having some OLD plugins running that were doing their own sitemaps and robots.txt etc that were all such ancient history that there’s no way I’d have any idea why I installed them when I did.

There really needs to be a way to easily (like just press a button and it happens) analyze an old WordPress install and root out all the kludge code that was stuck in to fix things that were later fixed in the core like they should have been all along.

Anyway, it all seems to work now.

Until the next WordPress update… aren’t we due for 5.0? And I’ve been having some problems on my sites that are using the new Gutenberg preview. But hey, that’s progress!


The 4 Parts of this Series
Part 1 – cleaning out old (ancient) plugins that aren’t relevant or useful anymore
Part 2 – actually updating the database etc.  inside WordPress to use https
Part 3 – updating to a modern, mobile-friendly theme
Part 4 – dealing with some robots.txt etc. plugin conflict