This Is Not Your Father’s Star Trek

I saw an ad promoting the new Star Trek movie as “This is not your father’s Star Trek” — blech.

“This is not your father’s Star Trek” is a phrase that has more significance to the generation of kids that grew up watching Star Trek reruns than it does to the kids it is trying to attract.

The phrase they are alluding to is “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile” — a ill-conceived attempt to get people my age to buy Oldsmobiles (rather than our parents/grandparents). The end result of that brilliant bit of marketing… no more Oldsmobile.

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Classmates Vs. Facebook – Classmates Fails sent me a survey request so that I can let them know what I’m thinking.

I don’t have time to take a 20 minute survey with no compensation, so I’ll just put my thoughts here:

1. seems to do everything does — and more.

2. is free. built a business around charging absurdly high prices for people to access information (and they ALSO loaded up their website with ads to the point of it being annoying and often unusable). Facebook built a business around keeping the access free (and their ads are much less obtrusive).

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