Enhance PayPal Security With A Security Key

I’ve been looking at WordPress shopping cart plugins and other ways to create an online shopping cart and I came across a link to a feature I didn’t even know PayPal has. Paypal can create random temporary security keys (an additional password for your account that is only good for a short time) to help ensure that only you can log into your account (since you’re the only one who can access this security key).

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Voice Recognition Really Works Now

Some time between 8 and 10 years ago, I remember getting voice recognition software with the intent that it would make writing faster.

This was running on a machine with Windows 98 on it — and even with training it didn’t work very well.

I recently saw an iPhone app doing voice dictation and it worked great for recording me without training. It’s amazing how much power new computing devices have (even the tiny ones).

But seeing this video completely blew me away. Not to pick on Tyrone, but his combination of accents (I think it is Australian English combbined with whatever his native asian language is???) makes him difficult for me to understand, yet the software can understand him! That’s amazing! If it can understand him, I’m pretty sure it will be able to understand me.

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You Are Not Your Customer

Or more politely: I am not my customer.

But it does sound more authoritative when I declare: “You are not your customer.”

Right? It’s like… official.

What I mean is that just because I (or you) wouldn’t pay some amount of money for something, doesn’t mean that someone wouldn’t happily pay that if it somehow represented sufficient value to them.

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Blown Away by the New Dyson Fan

I saw the new fan from Dyson last night – it really is bladeless! I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and I felt like a little kid as I put my hand through it and couldn’t figure out how it was blowing the air.

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