Amazon’s New Look

Amazon showed me a new clean look today… Nice design with lots of white. here’s a product page:Update: September 4, 2011 Now amazon has gone back to looking how it used to. (But I still can’t access my amazon account!!!). I did find this interesting article on the evolution of the amazon add to shopping cart button.

Phone Message Scams

I turn on my cell phone about once or twice a month — I only use it when necessary — so I was surprised that there was a message on it.

It was something about being able to take care of the problem I had called about and that the rep would be able to save me money because I qualified for something. Huh? The way the message was left, the beginning of it was cut off so that there was no company name.

I mostly keep the phone in the car (off) and use it for emergencies (like if my car breaks down). I don’t give out the number. In fact, I only charge the phone every 6 months or so.

So what was this mystery call about?

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How To Include Amazon Text and Image (Enhanced Display) Affiliate Links In WordPress – Part 2

Feh. As per my previous post on inserting iframe tags in the TinyMCE editor in WordPress for amazon affiliate links and youtube videos, this is something a user needs to be able to do without having the editor delete them as soon as you switch into WYSIWYG mode. This plugin — Amazon Widgets Shortcodes — … Read more

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

I stumbled across this site quite accidentally. It’s about an experiment with cute little robots that are fairly helpless and seeing what happened when they relied on the kindness of strangers to get where they were supposed to go.

The creator of the experiment made the robots as cheaply as possible — expecting them to meet their doom in the cruel, cruel world — but was pleased to find that even in New York city there were strangers who were willing to help a little defenseless robot.

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How To Include Amazon Text and Image (Enhanced Display) Affiliate Links In WordPress

Another WordPress thingy to drive me crazy! I try to put an amazon affiliate link in a post and it seems to work, but then as soon as I switch back the the Visual editor the link disappears!

As with many WordPress things:

  1. There’s probably a reason beyond my comprehension why this “bug” is actually a feature
  2. There’s all sorts of solutions posted by people with such high levels of technical expertise that I can’t understand how to implement their “obvious” solution
  3. The fix is actually simple (I think)

NOTE: Watch the video below to understand the danger of the word “simple” — then read the rest of the post for what I did to make it work.

FYI – I’m a huge fan of Jeri Ellsworth!

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